January 30, 2009

Amy, Rob, Dino, Alice, Mickey & Maryanne; PA, NJ, NY

  • So sad to leave.  The house was perfect for our vacation; we spent so much tie on the patio around the pool.  Caught a marlin, jet-skied, went to Lovers Beach and snorkeled (the seals were stinky!).  Ate at La Dolce, Mi Casa, Nick Sans, Lucky’s, Niki Beach, and The Office.  

November 8, 2008

The D, C and B families; Minnesota and Colorado

  • What a fantastic villa.  This is one of our most memorable vacations. The view is incredible and the villa perfect.  We’ll be right back here in the future.  The staff was the best.  Thank you all.  

May 15, 2008

Chris & Cheryl B.; Brighten, CO

  • This has to be the most beautiful house in all of Cabo!  We had a fantastic time; the weather was wonderful, we’ve both gained 5 lbs. and we can’t wait to come back!  Thanks again!

February 28, 2008

Paul F., Chris C., Tim F.; Yonkers, NY

  • First time here.  All I can say is phenomenal place.  Better than the stories I heard.  Can’t wait to come back soon again.  Thanks for the invite, Pete!

January 22, 2008

Bill, Terry, Karl, Betty, Alice, Dale, Vinney; CA, PA, and ID

  •  Had a wonderful time.  Fishing was great; the view here is awesome.  Family and friends—excellent.  Can’t wait to return.  Thank you so much!

January 6, 2008

Bob, Mary Jane, Edward & Mary; Houston, TX

  • Very nice house; good views of the beach.  Francisco and Theresa made our stay magnificent.  Would come back for them alone!

March 29, 2007

Paul, Paula, Curtis & Bradie G.; Menlo Park, CA and Tracy, CA

  • Another week in Paradise!  Thank you for a fabulous vacation.  Hope to come back again soon!